Mobiglyphs is an amazing new patented technology that utilizes the camera function on any mobile phone to deliver an interactive experience to your clients.  It increases sales, creates brand awareness, and provide  a fun and memorable experience.

With our Mobiglyphs technology, your logo can actually becomes interactive gateway to a world of communication and intimacy that is totally controlled by you.  The interaction creates an experience that is unforgettable and really hip!    

Using the camera function on any mobile phone, the consumer simply snaps a picture of the poster or the magazine ad and emails it to a special customized address; and then in seconds, he or she receives the additional information on their mobile phone that you want to communicate—it could be promotional video, the location of the store or branch office closest to them, or a quick way to reorder merchandise; your logo becomes the interactive gateway, and their mobile phones screens become an extension of your personal interaction with them.

Be sure to try our interactive ad demo we have programmed for your review that shows our powerful mobile marketing technology in action.  Simply take a picture of the marketing ad I took a picture of at one of your branches which I have attached to the email here  (you can take it right from your PC screen)  and send us the picture using your mobile phone to to experience mobiglyphs firsthand. The possibilities are truly endless!

If you just smitten with excitement and cant contain your desire to contact us and get started immediately with your mobiglyphs marketing campaign please call (877) 829-0536?

Mobiglyphs Japan Flyer (PDF)